Friday, August 28, 2009

Rest In Jesus

Rest In Jesus

I have been looking for a daily Bible study so I can see, read and hear God's word daily in my life. I Googled "daily Bible study" and this is the first thing that popped up! This is exactly what I needed today!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Harry and Loomis Fargo

Well, today was filled with too much fun! We had two, yes two, birthday parties in one day. Thank God for 5 year old Sam's birthday party at Jump Zone because both of our girls were asleep by 8:00 pm on a Saturday night. This is usually the night they beg us to stay up late since there is no school, except for Sunday School, the next day and we usually let them, because we'd rather talk to each other on our lovely deck while sipping a cold one than listen to the bitching. I've told you before that I am not one for the bitching! But today, in spite of the birthday fun, Beebs got 3 strikes (and she was out! of TV watching, that is) and both of them were worn out. You gotta love a huge indoor slide for an hour and a half!

I'll get to Loomis Fargo after I tell you about Harry. Our precious little elementary school (that Daddy went to for 1st and 2nd grade), which is about 3 or 4 blocks from our house and which we love wildly, has a new rule, with sign posted and all, that is very adamant about not dropping your kids off in the back of the school. We dropped off in the back of the school last year, even though it was discouraged, but the sign wasn't posted last year. Now there is a sign! "Loading and Unloading of Buses ONLY!" We are following the rules, because as Daddy says, "How can you expect your kids to follow the rules if you don't?!?!?" So, Daddy has opted for walking Beebs to school. Hooray for them. A little one on one for Daddy and Beebs is always a good thing. So Thursday, they were walking to school and a big gold Silverado blew past them. Daddy tells Beebs, "There goes Harry." (Harry was dropping off his kid in the back of the school.) Beebs said, "Daddy, why is his name Harry? Is he really hairy?" Apparently she had never heard this name before and it struck as very very funny. She decided that day that when she has kids and one of them is a boy, she is going to name him Harry! Hopefully he won't break the rules and drop off at the back of the school to avoid carpool!

On to Loomis Fargo. We went to Lowe's today after the Jump Zone (again, thank you Lord for whoever invented Jump Zone because Annie was asleep in the 2 minutes it took to get to Lowe's). When we pulled in to park, the Loomis Fargo truck was there delivering $$$. Annie said, "Hey dere's de money truck Daddy told us about." Oh the excitement in two little toeheaded girls eyes to see the money truck (and Mommy's eyes were quite happy too!). So they went on, "Daddy says there's a guy in the back with a gun and if you try to break in and steal the money then he'll shoot you!" By this time the truck was driving by and I, standing with the toeheaded angels said, "Wave to the nice money man." We all waved and he waved back. As he was passing, I pointed out the rectangular window in the side of the truck with the small square window underneath it saying, "That small window is where the man in the back points the gun out to shoot you if you're trying to steal the money." Mouths gaping, they were still waving and he was waving back. Not his gun, of course, just a nice friendly Loomis Fargo wave. It reminded me of the Gatlin gun in 3:10 to Yuma (not my favorite movie, but that part stuck with me).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Only from the minds and "moufs" of children!

We are really on Jesus these days. What with the "Jesus wants you to share", "I no like Jesus", "Sissy, Jesus wants you share with me"... Our church routine is back in full swing (I know it shouldn't have slowed over the summer!). Anyway, Beebs asked me this afternoon what Jesus' last name is. Well, it's Christ, right? "Then, what is his middle name?", she wondered. Um, I replied, "Well, Jesus is God's son and I think they really just have one name each, except for the Holy Spirit." Which could have opened a whole new can of worms, but she decided, "Maybe I should just ask Mr. Pat (our pastor)." What a great idea! Ask Mr. Pat, he will know the answer!" How in the world do kids come up with some of the questions they ask?!?!

On to tornadoes. While getting ready for church this morning, Daddy and the girls were watching The Weather Channel to do a little research on the hurricanes that are forming. You know, Ana (big shocker), Bill and Claudette. You know they named the "A" hurricane after our precious little angel! Anyway, Daddy is reciting the hurricane forecast to me and all the girls hear is BAD WEATHER. Now, I know I haven't mentioned this before (or maybe I have), but part of our nightly routine before bedtime is a list of questions. A couple of the questions were contributed by our neighbor, Little N from The Solomon Story blog. Here goes and keep in mind that this is like a racquetball game, Beebs and Annie throwing out the questions and Daddy and I bouncing back the answers!

"No tornadoes tonight?"
"No storms?"
"No wind?"
"No rain?" (I think there is a song forming.)
"No mean cats?" (The mean cat across the street tries to terrorize June Kitty Cash, or the Killer as we like to call her. See "Mommy I found a Possum" post.)
"No witches?" (Too much Scooby Doo!)
"No falling off the swing?" (Little N)
"No falling off the seesaw?" (A new take on Little N's nightly questions.)
"No falling off the slide?" (Again, a new take on Little N.)
By this time, they are giggling, because they know we don't have a swing set with a slide, swing or seesaw! It's just a little parent torture.

But, I digress. Back to the hurricane forecast. (The previous questions do relate to how this conversation started, though.) So, Daddy is giving me the hurricane forecast and Beebs says, "Daddy, there is going to be a tornado?!?!?", using all the Drama Queen she can muster, which doesn't take much! Daddy replies, "Tornado did not come out of my mouth!" And Annie says, "Daddy, tornadoes don't come out of our moufs, do dey?" "No, Annie, tornadoes don't come out of our mouths!", Daddy replies while picking himself up off the floor!

Only from the minds and "moufs" of children!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brownies and Jesus

Our Beebs had her bridging up ceremony today from Daisy Scouts to Brownies and if I ever figure out how to put pictures up, I'll post one. So, now she's a Brownie! Hooray! It was so sweet with the story of why they are called Brownie's by our Troop Leader. Beebs even looked for her reflection, like in the story, in a puddle on the sidewalk. So, she was listening.

Annie, well, I think she is loving Jesus now. I heard her telling Beebs a couple of days ago that "Jesus really wants you to share with me!" She might not have gotten the gist of what I was saying, but she sure did use it on Beebs!

They hear more than we think they do!

And, oh the joy of the school bell ringing. Life is back to routine and both angels were asleep by at least 8:30 every night this week. Good Lord, I love a routine!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"I no like Jesus, Mommy" and big tutu's

How funny is my Annie! She had a fit tonight (a napmat fit as we call it) over not getting the Princess plate and instead getting the yellow plate. So, really, how funny is a 3 year old! Why is it so important which plate you get? Beebs doesn't really care, but she never gets to pick, so tonight Daddy let her pick. In the middle of the napmat fit, I sat down on Annie's bed and held her in my lap to explain to her the concept of sharing with Sissy. I said, "Sissy never gets to pick because you always get to pick which plate you want." You know, good parenting. I don't find myself good parenting alot because I'd rather not hear the bitching! As the napmat fit went on, I pulled out my Jesus card. "You know Annie, Jesus wants us to share, that's what the Bible is trying to teach us." To which Annie replied, "I no like Jesus!"

"But Jesus loves you!" I went on.

"I no like Jesus." Annie couldn't stop herself.

At that point, I had to stop and laugh. I looked to my right, because that always seems to be where Jesus is sitting in my world, and said to him, "You know that's funny!"

He was dying laughing! You know the three of them think we are hilarious!

On to Beebs. Her 1st grade teacher called me yesterday before the class lists are even posted because she wants to do reading assessments before school starts. The Teach is so sweet! God help her because Beebs' BFF, EG, is in the same 1st grade class and her "boyfriend" from her Kindergarten class is in there too. Anyway, Teach told me that Beebs and EG "will be sitting on opposite sides of the room". EG's mom had already talked to Teach and given her the rundown of the BFF situation. Kindergarten boyfriend is the precious angel that had to break up with Beebs because he wanted the girl with the "big tutu" to be his new girlfriend. Let me explain. Beebs takes dance from Kindergarten boyfriend's mom. We walk to dance alot because it's only minutes from our house. One dance day last year, Beebs and I were walking to dance. Actually, I was carrying her on my back. But, she began to tell me the story of how K boyfriend broke up with her. I asked her why and she replied, "he likes the girl at dance with the big tutu." Well, I was mortified, because we call our privates a tutu. I said, "Beebs, why are you and K boyfriend talking about tutu's?" She said, "I know Mommy, how does K boyfriend know what a tutu is? I guess it's because of his sisters." We immediately (with Beebs on my back and running) arrived at the dance studio so I could tell K B's mom what Beebs had just told me. And, she too was mortified because I mentioned how we call the privates tutus...

A few days later K B's mom figured it out. Our friend, Slick, has a daughter who is in K B's sisters' dance class, and her Grandmama had made her a new BALLET TUTU for Christmas and that is what K B was talking about. Imagine my surprise! Beebs had just introduced K B to tutus, and not the ballet kind! Luckily, he didn't know that Beebs knew something else could be called a tutu and he was only thinking of ballet. Thank God his mother is a dance teacher!

So, for a wrap up of the beginning of the week, my kids are the luckiest girls in the world! They have the best Daddy, which is something I am not sure I've ever experienced. They have gone fishing and swimming in the lake at the state park. Yuck! They have dusted my entire house, because Daddy made them do it! Thanks Daddy! Although, there is Pledge all over the floor because they really really like to spray. We have to be really careful to not rush over the hardwoods for fear that we might bust it. And today, they have wrestled with Daddy, fished at the neighborhood lake and gone to the pool with Mommy and Daddy. Luckily, we got there 10 minutes before courtesy break and Daddy and I actually were able to swim by ourselves during courtesy break. Oh the fun of watching your kids walk (no running at the pool) around the pool deck to sit on the side close to where you are (you know, the permanently up your butt thing) and then move really quickly away! We love to mess with our kids! I think that is Daddy and my favorite passtime!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are movin' and shakin'

Man, we have been all over the place. As my friend over at the Psych Ward said, I have taken a blogging holiday, or a blogiday! My Beebs went to golf and tennis camp week before last, which she loved. The whole week she was there, she would call and ask when Daddy and I were coming because she was at my Mom's (they live in a golf community at the beach, poor them!). Anyway, we finally get there after not seeing our precious almost 7 year old and she blows us off because she is standing with all of her new friends from camp. I mean REALLY? Can you already act like that at 7? She and Annie had talked on the phone every day and Annie wandered around aimlessly without someone to play with. You know, sometimes that second kid will push you right over the edge of the cliff, what with the fighting and biting and book throwing and, well surely you get the picture, but I am so glad they have each other! By the way, the fighting, biting and book throwing all started about 20 minutes into their long awaited reunion!

My friend over at Beauty and the Bates asked me yesterday why I hadn't posted my pictures from the beach yet. Well, of course, we left the camera at home. It's really hard to get out of our house! I think there is some kind of vaccum effect that literally won't let us leave and if we do, it sucks back in some of the most important things we need to take with us. Luckily, Hemmer made it to the beach with us buckled in all nice and snug right next to Annie!

That has been the last week and a half of my life. That and the counting down of days until school starts back. My house literally looks like a train wreck! I think that lima bean is still in my hall floor. I still haven't finished the project of painting my armoire, but Daddy insisted that we go ahead and move it back into the bedroom with out the doors on and without any drawer pulls. No, we cannot get the drawers open! I already have two, make that ten, new projects planned. My goal last week was to clean out the pantry because my cook (Daddy) put a bag of potatos in the top part and they rotted. When I picked up the bag, something disgusting was dripping out of the bag. Now see, that is why I don't cook. I left Daddy home with the girls today with specific instructions to clean up the downstairs, which has a couple of blanket tents that have been there for about five days, some wet bathing suits laying on the carpet, no telling how many juice cups... You get the picture, it's time for school to start back and get these people out of my house!

Since I am rambling, I will sign off, right after a couple of the latest Annieisms and my favorite Beebs quote of the week.

"Why God makes your poo poo come out?" (at least she did it on the potty)

"Mommy, these are my tattoos!" (at least it was ball point pen and not Sharpie, this time)

"Daddy, I don't think I want to go fishing again today. Can you just take us to the pool?" (that's my Beebs, boo fishing, yea chlorine!)