Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Outlaw, Josey Wales Chapman

Dog is man's best friend, and woman's and child's! Our precious Josey Wales went to Heaven today. He was such a sweet boy! I am sitting here waiting for him to rub his slobbery mouth on my leg or almost demolish the deck by scratching his own belly. Yes, he was HUGE, but he was just a big 'ole baby. He was a Rottweiler Lab mix, he weighed 110 pounds, Daddy taught him to sit and I taught him to shake with one paw, then the other. He could have been on Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks", because he could hike his squeaky toy football through his legs, just like the center for the Auburn Tigers (or the other team if Daddy was telling this story). That is until he tore it to shreds like every other toy or collar or name tag we ever gave him. I think he might have actually swallowed the "indestructible" name tag I had etched for him stating that he was Josey Wales Chapman. We finally started giving him empty water bottles, because they were cheaper than buying new dog toys once a week. He could tear up a newspaper in a matter of seconds. He could tear up a dog bed in a matter of minutes. Literally, it took him 5 minutes to tear up the bed we bought for him in March. He could gnaw at his own leg or a Boston Butt bone for hours. He could dig a hole so deep that the dirt was cool and gave him a nice soft bed. He was a great "horse" first for Beebs, then for Annie to ride on! He was our first big dog and he made me feel safe. He barked at the gas meter reader from the time he heard his truck pull into our little town and wouldn't let up until he heard him leave our little town. Mr. Meter Reader always said, "We do this dance every month!" He carried a really big metal rod with him. I guess he was afraid of JoJo. Josey howled at the fire trucks every time they left the station with their sirens on. He even taught the neighbor dogs to howl at them too.

Our backyard will never be the same. The plants and trees I have planted will probably stay in tact, but the yard will probably be overrun by the possums and raccoons that he loyally chased away. The squirrels won't be afraid to come on the deck anymore (unless Daddy gets that bee bee gun he's been wanting).

Josey loved Daddy and me and Beebs and Annie and we all loved him so very dearly. I know dogs come and go more quickly than we do, but somehow, they settle right into your heart just like one of your children. I'm just happy that Daddy and I rescued him and gave him a home and a family that loved him for his 9 years on earth. Our family will have a little piece missing because he's not here with us anymore, but, all dogs do go to heaven...