Wednesday, July 20, 2011

June Kitty Cash...the Great

SHE CAME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe the curse of Not the Summer of George has been lifted.  I don't know where she was, but she is mute, so whether it was a garage, attic or car, no one would have heard her.  She opens her mouth in a "Meow" formation, but nothing comes out.

 Daddy came rushing into the bedroom this morning at 5:50 AM, shaking me awake and saying, "Guess who just showed up on our doorstep, skinny as hell?!?!?!"

I thought, "Oh dear God, he's let a drug addict in our house !"  But, instead of saying that out loud, I simply asked who.

"JUNEBUG!"  He said she came walking down the sidewalk after him, looked up and mouthed a Meow.  He opened the door, she walked in and jumped into the windowsill, which is her favorite perch. 

Oh, and she was weighing in at about 15 or 16 pounds when she disappeared SIX WEEKS AGO.  Now, she's probably down to about 9 or so pounds.  I think she might be down to 8 lives now.

Maybe I should have someone lock me in the garage for a couple of weeks...Nah, I'm going to Jackson!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


part of speech: noun
definition: change, often major
Synonyms:  alteration, changeover, conversion, development, evolution, flux, growth, metamorphosis, passage, progression, shift, transformation, transit, turning point, upheaval

So, 40 has seen lots of transition for me...I don't do change well...I tend to overeat...and not good stuff like apples and salads.  No, I go for the white powdered sugar doughnuts!  My friend Susie says, "I think I am back up to my full term pregnant weight...I just need to give birth!"  Right there with you friend!

Anyway, I have made a decision to have a "CALM FALL".  Maybe that will make the transition from Summer Self to Fall Self much easier, even though Summer Self ain't on top of her game right now!  We are taking a year off from dance!  We are not going back to Girl Scouts!  We will be all things sports this Fall...Annie is already enrolled in soccer, and the Beebs will be going back to her true sports love of basketball in the Winter.  Of course Daddy is ready for them to take some sort of music lesson, but I'm just trying to figure out how they will get home from school.  Yes, I said Annie starts Kindergarten this Fall.  She's pumped and I am too, kinda, maybe a little sad...she is my baby after all.  Okay, I'm tearing up...

My current transition is that of our Pastor and his wife leaving our little church to move to a new church and a house on the beach...kinda makes me want to go to Seminary.  Ha. Ha. Ha.  I'll leave that to the professionals!  Their last Sunday with us was this past one, and it was emotional for a big ole' crybaby like me.  Daddy was sweet to hold my hand all the way through though.  We said our goodbyes, which of course are not forever goodbyes and sent them on their way with a love offering and a book of notes and pictures from the congregation.  That is, minus notes from my family because I lost the paper we were to use and then didn't get them turned in on time.  I ROCK at being organized.  I would love to have everything in its place and a place for everything, but my children hinder that greatly!!!  Anyway, Pat baptized both of my children, gave fantastic sermons and is a very laid back, sweet and kind man.  In his sermon from Ash Wednesday 2010 (I think it was 2010), he said these words, "Fast from anger and feast on optimism.  Fast from self concern and feast on compassion for others." 

Fabulous words to live by!  So fabulous that I have them taped to my computer screen at work.  His sermons always found a way to speak directly to me.  And his wife, a precious friend who is a strong and admirable lady!  She's not afraid to speak her mind and she truly is my precious friend.  As I was thinking about this transition earlier this week, I realized that when you are 14 years old and your Youth Director leaves and you think that nothing will ever be okay again, it's a lot different when you are 40 and your pastor leaves.  When you are 40, you have been through a couple of changes and you know all will be well again.  So, maybe I'm a little okay with change since I can see a bright side to it.  Anyway, here's to my dear friends, Pat and have been a wonderful part of our lives and we will miss you greatly!  (Okay, I made myself cry again).  And please, consider this the Chapman note that didn't make it into the book.

Here's a little update on what we've been talking about...

Beebs:  "I didn't know the Target stayed up that late!"

Annie:  "NO!"

Annie:  "Uh oh, it looks like Strawberry Shortcake got a sharkbite..." (that's a whole other post though)

Beebs:  "I don't want to wash my hair, I washed it a couple of days ago..." (that's the stinch I smell)

Annie:  "NO!" (Annie's been telling me NO alot lately, which is why she is grounded from Mermaid Barbie until tomorrow - I love the POWER, insert evil laugh)

Stay tuned for my latest project and be on the lookout for the "Shark Bite Barbie" post!  It will even have pictures!

Heart your everchanging always the same Chapman, me:)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NOT the Summer of George!

Well, Summer Self is usually waaaaaaaaaaaay happy by now...but I don't think this is turning out to be the Summer of George.  At least I can still find humor in it:).

I haven't been posting lately, so I thought I'd just give you a brief rundown of what we've been talking about lately...

So, the 4th of July, found us at the neighborhood pool.  By the way, we (me) had endured fits of rage from a very persistent 8 year old the day before because I had things to do at home and refused to take her to the pool.  Anyway, we arrived, applied sunscreen to the Beebs and then it thundered.  And then it thundered some more and then we went home...then it stormed and the power went out.  The Beebs was so mad at Mother Nature that she demanded to know, "Can't we send her an email or something?  This is ruining my pool plans!!!"  Later when asked what Mother Nature's email address was, she replied, ""  Smart-aleck!  She gets that honest though!

Now, in this NOT Summer of George, my sister has been staying with us (moved in and took over Daddy's bathroom as the Beebs would tell you).  She has two dogs.  So, along with our little LuLu, we now have Pearl and Blu (Blu is a girl by the way, that's why there is no "e" on the end you fool!).  When they arrived, LuLu was in heat.  Now Pearl is in heat.  Now Blu thinks that she is actually a boy and won't stop humping the small dogs.  I'm talking really bad doggie porn going on that Daddy really wants to capture on his iPhone and post on YouTube, if he could only get the right lighting.  It is all very disturbing!

Meanwhile, my prized cat (the killer of all things small - creatures that is), June Kitty Cash, has moved on to bigger and better things.  I'm not sure if that happens to be Heaven or a home without three humping dogs residing in the back yard.  I think I'd trade all three of them for my Junebug.  I'm going to miss the dead shrews, chipmunks, moles, birds, etc. left lovingly for me right at the bottom of the laundry chute.  Beebs suggested that Junebug must have left because she needed another "fixed shot".

Oh, and Annie painted a piece of her beautiful blond hair with red spray paint!  Now people at the Target are going to think I took my 5 year old to the salon to have a pink (it's faded a bit) highlight in her hair!  Yeah, I did that...just for the first day of Kindergarten!!!

More on my new project and Annie's 4th of July scooter and bicycle parade...