Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ya gotta love...

when your baby (actually not so much a baby anymore, but my baby) falls asleep trying to finish reading "Ramona the Brave"!  I went in to kiss her goodnight and she begged me to let her finish it since she's had it checked out for, ummm, 3 weeks I think!  She only has 5 pages left, but she just couldn't make it.  Maybe during independent reading time tomorrow before library time?  I mean, she's read 177 pages in three weeks!  She's only in 2nd grade!  That ROCKS!!

when Annie poops in the potty 4 times in one day.  I told y'all she was full of it!  I made the rule that she cannot go on the playground at school with her friends until she poops.  Worked like a charm!  And, I made the rule that she can't play outside at home until she poops.  Worked like a charm...except that it didn't all come out when she was sitting on the potty!  Score: Mommy 5, Annie 2!  I'M WINNING!

when your best friends create the best birthday party ever for you!  My Chickens (official shout out to my angel girlfriends) are truly my sisters!  I love you G & D!  Y'all more than rock!!!  And, all my favorite girls  (Anna, Susan, Dana, Leigh and Emily) and fav hubby's of my fav girls came too!  Even my nephew and his precious angel girlfriend (Emily) came. 

Even though D spied on what I was wearing and decided it would be best if she wore the SAME EXACT shirt, I don't mind...

40 and rockin'!!!!

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