Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family, The Holler and Christmas (Self)

Well, Christmas self is a happy girl! I love to bake and what better time of year to bake than Christmas! Of course, I haven't had time yet, but I think all major committments are complete now and I can focus on time at home, time to bake and time with my precious girls and precious hubby! Okay, so precious is not the greatest word to describe two kids and one husband (and one crazy mommy) all couped up in the house at Christmas, because 1. "baby, it's cold outside" and 2. I really miss Summer self:)! I thought of her today as I was sipping (okay gulping) my ice cold Corona Light, readying myself for another set of family visitors and staring into the eyes of Ro, Jo, We, Beebs and Annie in a picture by the pool in their bathing suits eating homemade ice cream. It was kind of like that scene in Christmas Vacation when Clark is looking out the kitchen window envisioning the pool he is going to put in as soon as the ground thaws out.

Anyway, we have already had several Family Christmas celebrations and it's only December 19th. Every year on the second Saturday of December, since my Bigmama died, we have the Johnson Family Christmas! My Bigmama was my mama's mama and my mama is the youngest of 13. It used to be a whole lot of relatives in a small space, but some of them don't come anymore. Even despite the efforts of my JenJen who sent an FB message to every family member she had FB friended asking them to be there. If you are reading this and you didn't come, you should be terribly ashamed you bunch of heithens! My Bigmama would have wanted you to be there and I am sure that she smiles down on us from Heaven, not only every single day of the year, but especially on the second Saturday of December. You know who you are, heithens.

All of this brings me to the Holler. The Holler is acutally Johnson's Holler (Hollow to those of you who don't call it Holler, but it is Holler), where all thirteen grew up. William, Ceil, James, Elton, Opal, Arthur Bird, Hurbert, Wilma, Bobby Joe, Judy, Jean, Neil and Linda, all thirteen. Well, the DOT in Tennessee decided that it would be a good idea to run a portion of the interstate right straight through the Holler. It brought tears to my eyes! I couldn't even find the turn to my Bigmama's house. But, as Daddy says, that's progress. Has he no sentiment, I ask you? Then, we drove on around to Thompson Station Road, where my Granny's house was and still is, but she is in Heaven, and yes, she smiles down on me every day too. I just told my MIL today that I know that my Granny, my Bigmama and Daddy's Granny have a party in Heaven every day and are always smiling down on us. Anyway, TS Road is a wreck! There is a bridge going right over the hill and fields of the Fry's (Gangy said it was the Fry's) and directly across TS Road about 3/4 of a mile from Bill's Repair Shop. Bill's my Grandaddy and he had himself a car shop at the front of their property. It was great! It smelled like car grease, there were always a bunch of old men in there hanging out talking, and there was an old fridge in the back with cheese and pb cracker, a huge box of the BIG Super Bubble Bubble Gum and RC Cola. I loved that fridge! And, as a side note and something that makes my Beebs really really happy, Granny's house ain't far from Hannah Montana's house! Well, Gangy told me that my Grandaddy said that "they ain't gonna build that interstate in my lifetime!", and he was right! But it sure is there now! Even though I hate the song, it reminds me of "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot". I hate that song!

So, we have had several Christmas parties, family and otherwise, my church choir program, the girls' church choir program (Beebs was the Christmas Dove and Annie a Star Angel), Annie's school program (again an angel - do you see a pattern forming? - they don't see her at home:)), Beebs' school program, family Christmas with Ev's mama and his brothers fam. They have the sweetest kids, 13, 7 and 5! PRECIOUS kids and we got some really good pictures! We had our annual "Girls Christmas Lunch" at work, even though there are fewere of us this year (thank you Obama!) and we do Dirty Santa, where I got a fabulous necklace! Thanks LeLe! And Deb got my gift, which was also fabulous and I wanted to steal it from her for myself, but, it's a little tacky to steal your own gift. I guess, maybe not if you like it as much as I liked the cast iron reindeer!

Beebs and Annie can't wait for Santa. Hope they make it off the naughty list, ha ha! You know they are precious and are always on the nice list. Beebs, not so much tonight. How do you teach a kid to share when she is really just like you and doesn't want to let go of anything!?! God bless her, she is just like her mama, but I got it honest too (Grandmama)! Oh, and you know how a Nutcracker has long hair? Not so much anymore! Annie decided ours needed a crew cut! He looks AWESOME! Yeah, really:)! Beebs and Annie had their dance Christmas party today and Beebs' class was chosen to dance. She truly "rocked around the Christmas tree"!

Okay, so, Christmas self, while daydreaming about her former skinny(ish), salad eating, Corona Light drinking, air conditioner running, shower to shower under the boobs using, laundry souring, morning with Susie and Toby walking, with the girls pooling, tv on the deck watching self, is going to bake this week and get ready for Santa by watching a little Polar Express and definitely a lot of Clark Griswald! Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! God bless America (thank you Aunt Bethany)...

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