Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello Summer Self, I miss you! When will you be back?

Ahhh, the glorious days of Summer are gone and Fall (along with Fall self) are here. Lord help Fall self! I just realized today that she is way, way too busy. She might have over committed herself, maybe, just a hair. But, she's pushing through, barely. Fall self is sleepy and allergy ridden and has been to more birthday parties than you can shake a stick at. She hasn't been sitting by the pool with a nice cold Corona Light while watching the Beebs and Annie swim. Fall self really, really misses Summer self. Fall also means my birthday and yes, I turned 39. It was not an easy number for me. Summer self probably would have been fine, but where was she on that day? Oh yeah, she was still by the pool or on the beach in some nice tropical climate. God, I miss her!

On to the 2 reasons why I started this blog!

Annie turns 4 next week! She is so excited about her birthday party! So excited that she painted the bathroom with purple nail polish last Friday. Too bad it wasn't red. Then I could've thrown in a Dolly Parton quote from Steel Magnolias about painting her front door (bathroom) red and changing her name to Elizabeth Arden. But, it was purple, with a little green thrown in. I found the green behind the toilet tonight as I was scrubbing the toilet. We are taking her to Disney on Ice for her birthday and she is stoked!

Beebs is in full swing in 1st grade with lots of homework to boot. At least it seems like alot to sweet Summer self:)! She has a lively class and a sweet teacher. I think the "lively" class might just force our sweet young teacher to retire early. I, in Fall self mode, decided that it would be a good idea to be the co-room mom, what with all time I have on my hands and all...okay, I'm complaining again and don't mean to about co-room mom, because my heart is in it and after all, I only have to worry about the "Celebrations" and not the Field Trips! Thanks Jodi! I doubt if Jodi reads this, but just in case, thanks and G is precious! Beebs has a spelling test every Friday and has made an 11/10 on all but one or two. So proud!!! However, she does not like the homework! I took Beebs to see Miley Cyrus last Friday night. Still need to figure out how to post pics in this thing because I got a shot of her right as Miley came out and the look on her face was one of amazement. Miley was not Hannah, no, not at all! She was straight up Miley. I'm thinking the ropes that dropped during the "construction zone" scene could have been a sub for the stripper pole on the Teen Choice awards, but still, Beebs thought is was awesome and I haven't seen her doing the "stripper pole" dance, so all is good! Also, Miley's Daddy's house is literally around the corner from my Granny's house, so I know she is a good girl!

One more exciting event for my Beebs happened two weeks ago. So, when she was about 2 and learning to say her name (which is very long), it always came out Bebae. Well, I shortened it to Beebs and her Daddy loved that because that is also (or was) Gene Stallings nickname. Well, old Bebes (he spells his different) was in town doing a book signing and Daddy took her to meet him! She was SILENT (wish I could've witnessed that!). She was so excited, she couldn't speak. He told Daddy and Beebs how he got the nickname Bebes and Daddy told him how our Beebs got her nickname. I do love Gene Stallings, but I am an Auburn girl through and through. I mean, Weagle Weagle War Damn Eagle Kick 'Em in the Butt Big Blue!

Halloween is right around the corner and we have a scary witch with black hair and green face and a "Mermaid" Ariel with red hair to look forward to. Not the wedding dress Ariel (which we already owned), or the princess dress Ariel (which we already owned), no the mermaid Ariel (which we had to purchase). I'm tellin' ya, when a 3 year old gets her mind set on something, there is no changing it. That goes for a 6 year old too! Man, they are just like their mama.

Church is in full swing, and Jesus makes everything better, especially when I pray for patience on the way to work and when I get there my email Bible study title is "Be Gentle". Yes, the good Lord speaks directly to me.

Hopefully, Fall self will calm down soon and get back to "HER" thing: blogging and looking forward to finding her Summer self again! I know my sweet friend Susie is looking for Summer Susie too because we are Summer Self's together (a little shout to you sweet friend - love you!)

Happy Halloween y'all!

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