Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pasties, the new Lieutenant Dan and a little help from a little friend

I know the title of this post is a twisted one, but...welcome to my world!

Have I told y'all that Annie has an obsession with band-aids and tattoos?  Well, she does.  Last week her buddy, T, was over playing and she had just gotten some new tattoos.  I think she must have given T at least 6 tattoos.  Guess where she decided two of them needed to go?  Yep, she made pasties out of them!  Then last night, she got into the shiny silver Band-aids.  Guess where she decided two of those silver stickers needed to be?  You guessed right again, she made pasties out of them.  Daddy and I were on the deck and here she came in her Hello Kitty panties and shiny silver band-aid pasties.  Yes, I said on the deck...meaning outside!  And then I said to Daddy, "Honey, she's made pasties out of Band-aids."  There's a sentence I thought would NEVER cross my lips...

Lt. Dan...Annie flipped the Beebs off the hammock onto the ground the other's what followed in the next 2 hours...

"Mommy, Daddy, I can't walk!  Both of my legs are broken!"  This in her best "working up the tears" whiny voice.  She dragged herself up the stairs from the backyard without using her legs, just her arms.  See, Lt. Dan.  Can't you just visualize it now.  She laid on the floor of the deck fake crying the whole time.  That is, until, Daddy turned off the grill, got Annie out of the tub and said, "Mommy, get your purse, we're going to the hospital to get a shot!"

Then, she was up and at 'em, running like Forrest!

On a serious note, we have been praying for all of our neighboring cities and counties that were hit so hard by last week's tornadoes...

My Beebs made fliers ("Raise money to help hurt people!") and she and her good buddy, EG, collected $19.50 to send to Pleasant Grove.  They also had a lemonade stand last weekend to raise even more money.  I would love to show you a picture of the poster they made for that, but the dog peed on it:).  The final count on how much money she raised there is still out (she hasn't counted it yet). 

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  1. Oh my God, that is HILARIOUS. I am cracking up over here imagining the pasties!!! That totally sounds like something my crazy daughter would do. Only, she'd probably stick something to her hoo-hoo that would require Goo-Gone and elbow grease to remove. Yeah, I'm saving up for her therapy now.

    On a side note, thanks for the blogroll action!!