Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who's in charge of Mother Nature?

It's COLD here in Alabama!  And the sky is gray to boot...I'm slipping back into my Seasonal Affective Disorder.  This morning, my precious (and quite hilarious) Annie was giving me a lesson on how Mother Nature controls the weather.

"That's why it's cold Mommy, cause Muddah Natah made it cold.  She's in charge of the weddah.", she explained.

"Well, who's in charge of Mother Nature?" I asked.

"Justin Bieber!" she replied with all the confidence of JB's #1 fan.

I fell out laughing and she quickly changed her answer, "I mean Jesus!"

At least I know that the child loves Jesus.  Why just the other day on the way to school she asked, "Mommy, what if Jesus only made Jeeps?" 

By the way, and not to leave the Beebs out, but our little Annie had quite a week last week. 

She graduated from preschool.

She made her first goal in soccer.

And, she got an iPod shuffle for graduation.
(yeah, it's my old one, but she thinks it's new)
I'm thinking the iPod is the reason for the constant Justin Bieber noise in my head...Annie sings JB really loud and constantly.  I am singing Runaway Love right now.  And, I know every word.  I might be Steven Tyler...Does the noise in my head bother you?

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