Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ark and Eben

I taught the girls The Lord's Prayer and listen to them say it each night before they lay in their beds and play and get up 500 times after we've asked (yelled at them) not to and eventually go to sleep.

Here's their version, with a few lines from each Beebs and Annie, which I love and I'm sure when God hears it he gets a kick out of it. You know he has a great sense of humor (I mean look at us!)...

Annie: (these are just a few lines from Annie that I love, not her whole prayer) "Fadder ark and eben; on earth and eben; gibe us debts gibe us debtors" (Presbyterians say debts and debtors, not the other way)

Beebs: She says the whole thing perfectly, except "delete us from temptation". We all need to be deleted from temptation!

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