Friday, July 10, 2009

Mommy, I found a possum...

We play outside alot in our neighborhood. In the sixteen houses on our street live 20 kids. So, today, as the girls are riding their bikes and playing together (surprisingly) on the streeet because no one else was out, Beebs yells to Ev and me (on the front porch enjoying our fav beverage, beer), "Mommy and Daddy, I found a possum."

"Oh good for you," we say not thinking anything of it. Now, there is a clear plastic cup laying in the yard (and no, we're not white trash) because I forgot to bring it in Wednesday. The angels keep on riding their bikes and pushing Hemmer and Josephine (another story for another day) in their kid size buggies up and down from Mrs. Sandy's mailbox to Mrs. Jenn's mailbox because that's as far as they are allowed to go. Beebs keeps on bragging about the possum, to which we reply, "Yeah, a possum, that's so cool," still not thinking anything about it. Mr. Strong comes by with Charlie the dog and we chit chat, all the while the possum comments still flying around.

Then, in the blink of an eye, both girls are standing on the front porch with clear plastic cup full of what looks like leaves and dirt and nothing else in hand, saying, "Daddy, we're taking care of the possum, look, we gave him some dirt and leaves so he'll feel at home." Daddy, acting interested takes the clear plastic cup from Beebs and says, "Holy (something) there's a creature in there!"

Ev, Mr. Strong and I all take a closer look into the clear plastic cup. I'm thinking, "Holy (something) my precious angel has picked up a nasty animal!" Not a fan of a nasty animal. Inside the clear plastic cup we all three see tiny pink feet and gray fur. Lord help me, it's a freaking mole. Beebs has picked up a freaking mole and put it in a clear plastic cup with dirt and leaves. I thought for a second it might be a shrew because big cat, June Kitty Cash, kills them all the time and leaves them in the garage right below the laundry chute for me. But, no, it was a mole, just like in some children's book we have with a sweet little mole in it. But these little you know whaters will dig up all the beautiful grass and flowers we have worked so hard on. He is the ENEMY!

Daddy tells Beebs that our new little possum/mole friend would be a nice treat for June Kitty Cash. So, the angels take off to find her and present her with a gift. At this point, we are telling Mr. Strong goodbye. The angels are at the bottom of the driveway out of our sight calling for Junebug. As we turn the corner from the sidewalk onto the driveway we see Beebs pouring the contents of the "mole cup" over the fence to Josey Wales, the huge Lab Rottwieler mix baby dog that we love. By the way, he kills possum for fun!

Beebs has been checking on "that thang" as she is calling it. It's still kicking, but, at least Josey has a new toy which will end up like all of his other toys, shredded. Mr. Mole isn't dead yet, but at least we haven't done anything with the back yard yet so he (the enemy) can't tear it up. It should be an interesting evening at the Chapman castle.

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