Friday, July 17, 2009

Questions from the Castle

Well, as I have told you before, strange things happen in our little castle. Here are some questions to ponder from my week...

There are most likely only two answers, Beebs or Annie. See how many you can get right!

Why is there a lima bean in my hall floor?

Why did someone pee on the pool deck during swim lessons tonight?

Who is awesome and passed her swim test this week?

Who has gone off the diving board at least 4000 times after passing her swim test?

Who thinks that hot pink shorts with black lightning bolts on them match a light blue shirt with a kitty on it and actually wore it to school?

Who had to have the shampoo rinsed out of her hair with the kitchen sink sprayer after lotion was applied and pajamas put on because she didn't rinse her hair after washing it? Picture that one...Daddy holding her horizontally over the sink so as not to get the pajamas wet and me trying to spray the hair of a squirmy worm.

Who goes to the desk at the pool just about every time we are there for a bandaid?

Who decorated my coffee cup with half a box of Sponge Bob bandaids and a few princess stickers?

Who knocked my plant off the fireplace hearth while performing one of three shows in a night?

Why do we have three shows a night in our living room?

Who has worn "high heels" all week with every outfit and begged to wear them to school?

Who wore tall black boots with a Dora bathing suit, a silver belt and a beach hat to take Hemmer for a walk this evening? (I must figure out how to post the pic from my cell phone because it is hilarious!)

Why did I pack a bag for Hemmer to go to school today but I didn't pack one for Annie?

Who had a doughnut, a succer, cotton candy and a milkshake all within three hours this afternoon?

Who is the crazy person that gave her children all that sugar?

Who can't wait for a mini vacation next week? That would be me!

Who won't shut up while I'm trying to type this blog? That would not be either of my children! I hope they are close to sweet slumber.

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