Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Summer Rose...I'll miss you so (with a tear in my eye)!

Sweet Summer Rose, my dearest, most precious, angel self! I do love Summer!!! Apparently so does the Beebs. We went to the neighborhood pool for the LAST time today and stayed 'til the bitter end of the last Courtesy Break of the entire Summer. Ahhhhh, waaaaaaaahhhhhh, boo hoo! As we were leaving, the Beebs took the time to say goodbye to each pool chair, the diving board, the shallow end, the well, the deep end, the bathrooms and, of course, the HUGELY loved snack and drink machines. I, Summer (self) Rose, had tear-filled eyes as we pulled away. Daddy wondered why I sat in the back seat on the way home. It was because I didn't want him to see my cry:(.

Y'all, school is in full swing, dance too and Wednesday night church starts this week, but I can't quite grasp the fact that football is also in full swing and the pool is closed until May!

All I can say is, say a prayer for Summer Rose, cause she turns 40 in a month. Do ya think that helps the fact that summer is over? Huh, do ya? NO! My last summer as a GIRL (in my mind) is over! 40 isn't old though, is it?

Here is your que to leave a sweet comment about how young I am and how young I look...


  1. Girl, I love being in my 40's.... and we're still YOUNG!!!

  2. because you told me to leave a sweet comment, now that takes all the sincerity out of what i was going to say ;) but seriously - i never thought for a minute you were going to be 40 - i just assumed you were somewhere around my age (not joking!) i guess i thought everyone gets married stupidly young and has too many kids before 30 :) you're only as old as you feel/act and i've never seen you "feeling" too old - hahahaha!!
    and . . you think you miss summer!?! it's only 61 here today - i'm freezing and it's sept! we had to switch out all our clothes over the weekend and you would've thought ella was saying goodbye to her BFF's! oh well . . enjoy the changing leaves soon to come!