Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Jesus told us not to eat each other's food, MOMMY!"

Yeah, I ate a bite of the Froot Loops, but they looked so yummy.  I have been walking REEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYY early in the morning with my neighbor, and I am TIRED!  Why in the world is this wearing me out so?  Anyway, Annie and I came home this afternoon and had about an hour and a half before we had to get the Beebs from dance.  So I decided we should lay on the bed and watch Animal Plant (I would have rather watched Friends, 19 Kids and Counting or HGTV, but I needed her to want to stay inside!).  We watched "My Dog Ate What?".  Crazy show, weird stuff that they ate.  Anyway, I promptly dozed off.  Ahhhhhh.  She was very still.  Ahhhhhh.  She woke me up 10 minutes before we needed to leave to pick up the Beebs with a HUGE bowl of cereal.  

"You can't eat that in my bed," I told her.  "Let me carry it to the kitchen for you."  

She handed it over and we headed to the kitchen.  This is where the bite came in.  Dang Froot Loops are good!  They remind me of breakfast at my Granny's.  She would get up at 4 a.m. to make a huge breakfast, but she always gave us Froot Loops too, and a Coke.  She ROCKED!! (More later on my precious Granny, but as a preview, think of the best Granny EVER!  That was her!)

Anyway, she saw me eating her precious snack and blessed me out!  Yeah, she's 4...
"Mommy, why did you take a bite?  Now I have to add 4 more Froot Loops to my bowl to make up for the one's you ate!"  

"Fine," I told her as I was pouring my own bowl of the most delicious kid's cereal in the world.  

"You know Mommy, Jesus told us not to eat each other's food!" 

As I always say, only from the moufs of my precious angel babes!

"No, Annie, Jesus told us to share."

I swear, this kid uses Jesus way too much to get her way.  I am proud of all the Bible verses she's learning in her Pre-K class this year though.  You wouldn't believe what a little sponge mind can remember.

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