Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NOT the Summer of George!

Well, Summer Self is usually waaaaaaaaaaaay happy by now...but I don't think this is turning out to be the Summer of George.  At least I can still find humor in it:).

I haven't been posting lately, so I thought I'd just give you a brief rundown of what we've been talking about lately...

So, the 4th of July, found us at the neighborhood pool.  By the way, we (me) had endured fits of rage from a very persistent 8 year old the day before because I had things to do at home and refused to take her to the pool.  Anyway, we arrived, applied sunscreen to the Beebs and then it thundered.  And then it thundered some more and then we went home...then it stormed and the power went out.  The Beebs was so mad at Mother Nature that she demanded to know, "Can't we send her an email or something?  This is ruining my pool plans!!!"  Later when asked what Mother Nature's email address was, she replied, ""  Smart-aleck!  She gets that honest though!

Now, in this NOT Summer of George, my sister has been staying with us (moved in and took over Daddy's bathroom as the Beebs would tell you).  She has two dogs.  So, along with our little LuLu, we now have Pearl and Blu (Blu is a girl by the way, that's why there is no "e" on the end you fool!).  When they arrived, LuLu was in heat.  Now Pearl is in heat.  Now Blu thinks that she is actually a boy and won't stop humping the small dogs.  I'm talking really bad doggie porn going on that Daddy really wants to capture on his iPhone and post on YouTube, if he could only get the right lighting.  It is all very disturbing!

Meanwhile, my prized cat (the killer of all things small - creatures that is), June Kitty Cash, has moved on to bigger and better things.  I'm not sure if that happens to be Heaven or a home without three humping dogs residing in the back yard.  I think I'd trade all three of them for my Junebug.  I'm going to miss the dead shrews, chipmunks, moles, birds, etc. left lovingly for me right at the bottom of the laundry chute.  Beebs suggested that Junebug must have left because she needed another "fixed shot".

Oh, and Annie painted a piece of her beautiful blond hair with red spray paint!  Now people at the Target are going to think I took my 5 year old to the salon to have a pink (it's faded a bit) highlight in her hair!  Yeah, I did that...just for the first day of Kindergarten!!!

More on my new project and Annie's 4th of July scooter and bicycle parade...

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