Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"I no like Jesus, Mommy" and big tutu's

How funny is my Annie! She had a fit tonight (a napmat fit as we call it) over not getting the Princess plate and instead getting the yellow plate. So, really, how funny is a 3 year old! Why is it so important which plate you get? Beebs doesn't really care, but she never gets to pick, so tonight Daddy let her pick. In the middle of the napmat fit, I sat down on Annie's bed and held her in my lap to explain to her the concept of sharing with Sissy. I said, "Sissy never gets to pick because you always get to pick which plate you want." You know, good parenting. I don't find myself good parenting alot because I'd rather not hear the bitching! As the napmat fit went on, I pulled out my Jesus card. "You know Annie, Jesus wants us to share, that's what the Bible is trying to teach us." To which Annie replied, "I no like Jesus!"

"But Jesus loves you!" I went on.

"I no like Jesus." Annie couldn't stop herself.

At that point, I had to stop and laugh. I looked to my right, because that always seems to be where Jesus is sitting in my world, and said to him, "You know that's funny!"

He was dying laughing! You know the three of them think we are hilarious!

On to Beebs. Her 1st grade teacher called me yesterday before the class lists are even posted because she wants to do reading assessments before school starts. The Teach is so sweet! God help her because Beebs' BFF, EG, is in the same 1st grade class and her "boyfriend" from her Kindergarten class is in there too. Anyway, Teach told me that Beebs and EG "will be sitting on opposite sides of the room". EG's mom had already talked to Teach and given her the rundown of the BFF situation. Kindergarten boyfriend is the precious angel that had to break up with Beebs because he wanted the girl with the "big tutu" to be his new girlfriend. Let me explain. Beebs takes dance from Kindergarten boyfriend's mom. We walk to dance alot because it's only minutes from our house. One dance day last year, Beebs and I were walking to dance. Actually, I was carrying her on my back. But, she began to tell me the story of how K boyfriend broke up with her. I asked her why and she replied, "he likes the girl at dance with the big tutu." Well, I was mortified, because we call our privates a tutu. I said, "Beebs, why are you and K boyfriend talking about tutu's?" She said, "I know Mommy, how does K boyfriend know what a tutu is? I guess it's because of his sisters." We immediately (with Beebs on my back and running) arrived at the dance studio so I could tell K B's mom what Beebs had just told me. And, she too was mortified because I mentioned how we call the privates tutus...

A few days later K B's mom figured it out. Our friend, Slick, has a daughter who is in K B's sisters' dance class, and her Grandmama had made her a new BALLET TUTU for Christmas and that is what K B was talking about. Imagine my surprise! Beebs had just introduced K B to tutus, and not the ballet kind! Luckily, he didn't know that Beebs knew something else could be called a tutu and he was only thinking of ballet. Thank God his mother is a dance teacher!

So, for a wrap up of the beginning of the week, my kids are the luckiest girls in the world! They have the best Daddy, which is something I am not sure I've ever experienced. They have gone fishing and swimming in the lake at the state park. Yuck! They have dusted my entire house, because Daddy made them do it! Thanks Daddy! Although, there is Pledge all over the floor because they really really like to spray. We have to be really careful to not rush over the hardwoods for fear that we might bust it. And today, they have wrestled with Daddy, fished at the neighborhood lake and gone to the pool with Mommy and Daddy. Luckily, we got there 10 minutes before courtesy break and Daddy and I actually were able to swim by ourselves during courtesy break. Oh the fun of watching your kids walk (no running at the pool) around the pool deck to sit on the side close to where you are (you know, the permanently up your butt thing) and then move really quickly away! We love to mess with our kids! I think that is Daddy and my favorite passtime!

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  1. Yep, Jesus is always on my right, too! And God likes to sit in Steve's la-z-boy! Can Daddy come to my house and make Steve and Lizzie clean?? Thanks!