Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brownies and Jesus

Our Beebs had her bridging up ceremony today from Daisy Scouts to Brownies and if I ever figure out how to put pictures up, I'll post one. So, now she's a Brownie! Hooray! It was so sweet with the story of why they are called Brownie's by our Troop Leader. Beebs even looked for her reflection, like in the story, in a puddle on the sidewalk. So, she was listening.

Annie, well, I think she is loving Jesus now. I heard her telling Beebs a couple of days ago that "Jesus really wants you to share with me!" She might not have gotten the gist of what I was saying, but she sure did use it on Beebs!

They hear more than we think they do!

And, oh the joy of the school bell ringing. Life is back to routine and both angels were asleep by at least 8:30 every night this week. Good Lord, I love a routine!

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  1. Name the night... I'll buy some beer, come over and show you how to put up pictures!