Saturday, August 22, 2009

Harry and Loomis Fargo

Well, today was filled with too much fun! We had two, yes two, birthday parties in one day. Thank God for 5 year old Sam's birthday party at Jump Zone because both of our girls were asleep by 8:00 pm on a Saturday night. This is usually the night they beg us to stay up late since there is no school, except for Sunday School, the next day and we usually let them, because we'd rather talk to each other on our lovely deck while sipping a cold one than listen to the bitching. I've told you before that I am not one for the bitching! But today, in spite of the birthday fun, Beebs got 3 strikes (and she was out! of TV watching, that is) and both of them were worn out. You gotta love a huge indoor slide for an hour and a half!

I'll get to Loomis Fargo after I tell you about Harry. Our precious little elementary school (that Daddy went to for 1st and 2nd grade), which is about 3 or 4 blocks from our house and which we love wildly, has a new rule, with sign posted and all, that is very adamant about not dropping your kids off in the back of the school. We dropped off in the back of the school last year, even though it was discouraged, but the sign wasn't posted last year. Now there is a sign! "Loading and Unloading of Buses ONLY!" We are following the rules, because as Daddy says, "How can you expect your kids to follow the rules if you don't?!?!?" So, Daddy has opted for walking Beebs to school. Hooray for them. A little one on one for Daddy and Beebs is always a good thing. So Thursday, they were walking to school and a big gold Silverado blew past them. Daddy tells Beebs, "There goes Harry." (Harry was dropping off his kid in the back of the school.) Beebs said, "Daddy, why is his name Harry? Is he really hairy?" Apparently she had never heard this name before and it struck as very very funny. She decided that day that when she has kids and one of them is a boy, she is going to name him Harry! Hopefully he won't break the rules and drop off at the back of the school to avoid carpool!

On to Loomis Fargo. We went to Lowe's today after the Jump Zone (again, thank you Lord for whoever invented Jump Zone because Annie was asleep in the 2 minutes it took to get to Lowe's). When we pulled in to park, the Loomis Fargo truck was there delivering $$$. Annie said, "Hey dere's de money truck Daddy told us about." Oh the excitement in two little toeheaded girls eyes to see the money truck (and Mommy's eyes were quite happy too!). So they went on, "Daddy says there's a guy in the back with a gun and if you try to break in and steal the money then he'll shoot you!" By this time the truck was driving by and I, standing with the toeheaded angels said, "Wave to the nice money man." We all waved and he waved back. As he was passing, I pointed out the rectangular window in the side of the truck with the small square window underneath it saying, "That small window is where the man in the back points the gun out to shoot you if you're trying to steal the money." Mouths gaping, they were still waving and he was waving back. Not his gun, of course, just a nice friendly Loomis Fargo wave. It reminded me of the Gatlin gun in 3:10 to Yuma (not my favorite movie, but that part stuck with me).

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