Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We are movin' and shakin'

Man, we have been all over the place. As my friend over at the Psych Ward said, I have taken a blogging holiday, or a blogiday! My Beebs went to golf and tennis camp week before last, which she loved. The whole week she was there, she would call and ask when Daddy and I were coming because she was at my Mom's (they live in a golf community at the beach, poor them!). Anyway, we finally get there after not seeing our precious almost 7 year old and she blows us off because she is standing with all of her new friends from camp. I mean REALLY? Can you already act like that at 7? She and Annie had talked on the phone every day and Annie wandered around aimlessly without someone to play with. You know, sometimes that second kid will push you right over the edge of the cliff, what with the fighting and biting and book throwing and, well surely you get the picture, but I am so glad they have each other! By the way, the fighting, biting and book throwing all started about 20 minutes into their long awaited reunion!

My friend over at Beauty and the Bates asked me yesterday why I hadn't posted my pictures from the beach yet. Well, of course, we left the camera at home. It's really hard to get out of our house! I think there is some kind of vaccum effect that literally won't let us leave and if we do, it sucks back in some of the most important things we need to take with us. Luckily, Hemmer made it to the beach with us buckled in all nice and snug right next to Annie!

That has been the last week and a half of my life. That and the counting down of days until school starts back. My house literally looks like a train wreck! I think that lima bean is still in my hall floor. I still haven't finished the project of painting my armoire, but Daddy insisted that we go ahead and move it back into the bedroom with out the doors on and without any drawer pulls. No, we cannot get the drawers open! I already have two, make that ten, new projects planned. My goal last week was to clean out the pantry because my cook (Daddy) put a bag of potatos in the top part and they rotted. When I picked up the bag, something disgusting was dripping out of the bag. Now see, that is why I don't cook. I left Daddy home with the girls today with specific instructions to clean up the downstairs, which has a couple of blanket tents that have been there for about five days, some wet bathing suits laying on the carpet, no telling how many juice cups... You get the picture, it's time for school to start back and get these people out of my house!

Since I am rambling, I will sign off, right after a couple of the latest Annieisms and my favorite Beebs quote of the week.

"Why God makes your poo poo come out?" (at least she did it on the potty)

"Mommy, these are my tattoos!" (at least it was ball point pen and not Sharpie, this time)

"Daddy, I don't think I want to go fishing again today. Can you just take us to the pool?" (that's my Beebs, boo fishing, yea chlorine!)

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  1. I was just a missin' you, that's all! I go through times where I don't blog, have nothing to blog about and was hoping you weren't getting discouraged! Thanks for the shout out! Just wait until your girls hit middle school.... you'll miss this sweet ignoring! I've hit the whole attitude, everything is bad and you're the worst mom in the whole world part of childhood..... apparently, I SUCK as a mom! Have a great last week of summer!!!